TAMFT Supports the Development of New Clinicians

TAMFT is supportive of our new and emerging clinicians, offering student discounts on membership and conference registration, along with student-specific programming at the Annual Conference. TAMFT also offers discounted rates on its Exam Preparation Materials to student members. Student members may also take advantage of our Student Community Forum and our Supervisor Search directory.

Students can also join the Texas Student Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (TSAMFT). TSAMFT serves several purposes: 

  • to establish and maintain a link with TAMFT,
  • develop leadership and connections among MFT students,
  • to encourage interaction among MFT programs in the state of Texas, and
  • to coordinate communication among university-based student associations for MFT and between those student associations and the TAMFT board.

TSAMFT hosts a general membership meeting each year for students at the annual TAMFT conference. This meeting includes the chance to network with other MFT students across the state and to interact with currently licensed and practicing clinicians.  

To learn more about TSAMFT, contact the current president Lisa Salazar. You may also visit our TSAMFT page to connect with students.

2021 TAMFT Student Conference
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