Family PAC

Family PAC is the political action committee of TAMFT. It represents LMFTs in Texas by providing important information and advocacy for MFTs in Texas. The support of Family PAC goes to help us advocate for issues that affect the ability of MFTs in Texas to practice by protecting our scope of practice, ensuring the growth of MFT services within the state, and increasing opportunities for MFTs to be paid for their work. By contributing to Family PAC, you help protect the future of our profession and the ability of Texans to benefit from the services that MFTs provide.

TAMFT recognizes the importance of prioritizing the association's limited resources and channeling those resources into realistic initiatives that materially advance the practice of marriage and family therapy while growing membership through substantive legislative engagement and enhancing the organization's effectiveness and capacity to affect change in the future.  

As you can see, we are constantly supporting, advocating, and actively engaging our legislative committees so that LMFTs are adequately represented at our state level. The PAC fund is what helps to have this happen. It is TAMFT’s hope that, as in years past, our members will again be willing to engage constructively and help shape improvements to the practice of marriage and family therapy in Texas. Read more about how your donations help TAMFT protect your license in this letter from PAC Co-Chairs Marion Vickerman and Dorsey Cartwright.

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