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 Subject : Practicum Questions.. 12/14/2019 04:19:42 AM 
Jamie Clifford
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Hello All,

I am curious (and to be honest a little apprehensive about sounding obtuse) about practicum, which is quickly approaching for me in the Fall of 2020. I want to try and begin scouting for sites and would even like to complete my practicum and internship with the same site or organization if possible. My problem is that I have absolutely no idea where to begin. I plan on attending the conference in February, but am simply not sure how to approach the subject in emails to licensed MFTs in my area. Are there any tips or tricks to finding an acceptable site or even how to approach the subject with these professionals?

Thank you for any advice!

Jamie Clifford
Lamar University
 Subject : Re:Practicum Questions.. 12/26/2019 11:53:03 AM 
Mathis Kennington Ph.D., LMFT-S
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Hi Jamie,

Here’s a couple of tips:

1. Assume most of the people you contact won’t know how your practicum & internship requirements work. This means you have to know your own program requirements well in order to explain. For example, what supervisor requirements does your school have? Can a private practitioner serve as a practicum site? Etc..

2. Your own program’s requirements should be able to direct you to the natural places to look. If you are allowed to place at a private practice, then your starting point is an introductory letter that includes a direct statement of intent, what you’re looking for and why you are qualified. You may also jump the gun by getting a few recommendation letters prepared so you can hand those off as well. Also include your resume or curriculum vita.

3. Finding a prac site is no different than looking for a job. I would encourage you to look at local social media groups connected to the location you want to be. In Austin, for example, we have online group that are networks of therapists. Simple google searches should yield results in most metropolitan areas.

4. Since you’re coming to conference, I’d recommend you make up some business cards, a brief one page website if you can (plenty of therapist website builders can help you do this easily); so you can hand out info about yourself and connect w supervisors at the various events. Approach people and just ask them if they’re taking students.

Hope that helps.

 Subject : Re:Practicum Questions.. 01/12/2020 04:26:01 AM 
Jamie Clifford
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Thank you, Mathis!
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